Blog Prompt #2

The Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique is pretty simple. I will spend 25 minutes studying/working, and once completed I get a 5 minute break. After completing 4 rounds of this, I can take a 20 minute break. After each round is completed, I mark down an X, in order to encourage completing the round. I would like to try this technique because I tend to take longer breaks then the amount of time I work, which is not very efficient. It is important to manage my time properly, and even if I don’t continue to use this method, I think it will help me learn to complete work in better time.


By the time I get home it is usually around 4, and I am not in the mood to start working right away. In order to make sure I am ready to start working, I am going to start the first round right after dinner, at around 5:30. I will make sure not to have my phone near me during the work time, and try and get through at least 2 rounds every day.

End Goal

My end goal is to get into the habit of getting my homework done before relaxing and doing what I want to do. I don’t know that this strategy will work for me, but I do know that I need frequent breaks, so I am hoping this will just encourage me to take shorter breaks.

Critical Moves

  1. No phone while working
  2. Take the break even if I don’t want to
  3. Use willpower to not push off the practice

Shrinking the Change

For the first week I am only going to do one round of the pomodoro technique, and each week after that I will add one more until I have completed 4 rounds. This will help ease into a new habit, as it won’t take up as much time right away.

Tweaking the Environment

I usually sit in my bed when I am doing homework, so I am going to work at my desk when using this method. It will encourage proper work as I won’t be lounging. As well, I will only have my computer by me if I need it for homework, so I am not tempted to watch Netflix.


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