Blog Post #4 – Placement

Ms. Gourley’s Placement:

I enjoyed this placement, mainly because I really like Ms. Gourley, and she was my teacher previously so we work well together. It was a relatively simple project, so it wasn’t very exciting, but it was fun to explore new areas of the platforms. The main difficulty was finding ways to implement platforms like Kahn Academy into a civics course because they are all US based.  I do consider the placement a success, because even if Ms. Gourley can’t personally use the platforms, she is now aware of them and how they can help students. I don’t think this project was entirely useful because I didn’t have to learn any new skills, but it was definitely helpful for thinking about new ways to use the platforms. In the future, I would make this a placement for a teacher in any department except for humanities, because there are not a lot of educational online platforms to use in those classes.

Ms. Kerr’s Placement:

I also  enjoyed this placement, once again mainly do to the teacher, and that I like organizing so making a form was fun. It was a fast project that went very smoothly. The only difficulty was that me and Koral are not very familiar with Google Slides, so we didn’t know a lot about extra features. I do think this project was useful, because we were challenged to learn new things about Slides. In the future I would make the setup of the form more complicated, or at least have the students figure out an efficient way to get the form to teachers.


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