Blog Post #6

I watched a movie called¬†“I, Robot” starring Will Smith. It takes place in 2035, in a world where robots are commonly used for assistance.

What technologies are depicted in the show?

The focus of the movie is on humanoid robots that are used to serve the citizens. They are programmed to abide by 3 laws that prevent a robot from harming people, while being able to assist in countless tasks. One of the robots has been created with complete AI, he has the ability to comprehend emotions and even dreams.

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The transportation systems have become completely electric, as well as seeming to use a magnetic system underground to hover. Almost all citizens use their cars on auto drive because of the speeds that the cars can move at, however it is still possible to drive manual as Detective Spooner does.

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How have the technologies changed people/business/society/government choices and behaviors?

Overall the actual jobs have not changed much. The robots are mainly used for roles that “servants” would be used for; cooking, cleaning, running errands, assistance, etc. However the ideology has changed a lot. People do not see the flaws of robots, they have complete faith that there is no danger having a robot in their homes controlled by a company that could have any number of reasons to use the robots wrongly.

Overall, are the technologies portrayed in a positive, negative or neutral fashion? What evidence do you have to support this?

The robots are portrayed extremely negatively. The whole perspective behind the movie is that as useful as AI may be, there will always be ways to corrupt them to be used in a negative way. The robots begin mandating a curfew and killing police and others who are deemed a hazard, and in the end we discover that it was not any of the staff of the company, but the AI system that runs the building who has rewrote the AI systems. The main robot, Sonny, is a positive example of AI, as he helps to destroy the corrupt AI system, but all the other robots reflect the negative impacts of AI.

Would you want to live in this future? Why or why not?

No, I would not want to live in this future. In my opinion, AI should not be developed to its full potential. As helpful as it may be, there is no need for it other than human curiosity. Also, who wants to live in a world where robots take over and try to lock us in our homes? Even though the movie ends with the robots seeming to go down the right path, there would never be a moment where I didn’t question the intentions of the coding behind the robots.






Blog Post #5

Based on the materials presented in class and your own background knowledge and experiences, do you think social media has overall had a more positive or negative impact on the world?

In my opinion, social media has overall had a more positive impact. Although social media has brought along some mental health issues, as discussed in Thalia and Iram’s presentation, it has also allowed people to connect all over the world and share their lives. Some examples from that presentation were depression and loneliness, however social media can also lift these issues, allowing users to talk to others even when they may not be able to in person.

Another huge positive impact social media has had is on the LGBTQ+ community, which was covered by Maria and Mythili. This community did not have many outlets to share their stories and help others feel less alone. When a explosion of members of the community joined YouTube, there was suddenly a place people could go to understand that people under this umbrella are exactly the same.

There are many negative effects that social media has had as well. In my presentation of Facebook and it’s effects on politics, I discussed how filter bubbles have caused us to only see articles and ads that algorithms believe we will like. Because of this, we do not see other opinions any more, causing us to become very closed minded if we do not stay aware of this problem and seek oppositions. As well, Kevin and Payam presented on “big data”, which was about how tons and tons of our information is stored and sold by companies for profit. Social media has definitely given us a loss of security.

Overall, I believe that social media has had a more positive effect. Although there are obvious negative effects, social media has allowed us to expand our intelligence to connect worldwide, allowing humans to do things they have never done before.