Blog Prompt #7 – How to Make Stress Your Friend

Briefly summarize the content of this talk:

This talk, presented by Kelly McGonigal, is about how stress is only bad for us because we believe it is. Based on research, people who are very stressed but believe that the stress is preparing them for something, show no more likelihood to die of stress than people with little stress. She also touched on how a specific hormone, oxytocin, is actually a stress hormone, even though it is the hormone that is released when we are hugged.

Why did you choose this talk?

I chose this talk because I am stressed very often. Especially right now with university applications and exams, I thought it would be a good talk to help me regulate my stress. Little did I know it would tell me to do the exact opposite. As well, topics on neuropsychology generally interest me.

What did you agree with in this talk? Why?

I think it makes complete sense that seeing your stress as your body’s preparation for a difficult task will reduce the negative effects stress can cause.

What did you disagree with in this talk? Why?

I didn’t really disagree with anything in this video. There were clear statistics about the benefit of looking at stress through this perspective, as well as sound reasoning. It also just makes a lot of sense.

What questions do you have after this talk?

My biggest question is what the best method of viewing this perspective on stress is. Whether that means just thinking “this is good for me” every time I feel stressed, or if there is something more definitive I can do. I have tried just thinking this way and is has actually helped!

Would you recommend this talk to a friend? Why or why not?

I would 100% recommend this talk to a friend. Even if they decided not to think that way, it is a very important perspective to  understand about stress. Many of my friends are students who undergo a lot of stress in their lives, and it is so important to find ways to either reduce stress or reduce the negative effects of stress.